Twenty Thousand Leagues, Futhermuckers


Arabella Grimsbro, Book 3
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Arabella Grimsbro is a 15-year-old girl with a foul mouth and an attitude to match. When she walks into a cheesy mall store promising virtual reality tours of public domain classics, the last thing she expects is to find herself trapped in an entire series of them.

Oz was awful, Barsoom was somehow worse, but now Arabella’s locked in a submarine with a psychopathic sea captain and beginning to abandon all hope of ever returning home. So when she receives a secret message from someone from the outside, she has a choice to make: Sit back and enjoy a narrative that includes regular meals and an actual bed? Or push the boundaries to search for answers and risk winding up in a watery grave?

The print edition runs 152 pages.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Still a lot of swearing, you guys

We’ve long insisted that Arabella Grimsbro curses like a sailor, but since this entire adventure takes place at sea, it should be noted that even the motley, multinational crew of submarine veterans she encountered on her journey was a bit shocked by the coarseness of her language.

For those keeping score, the word “fuck” appears 128 times in this manuscript.

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