My New Book is OUT NOW

The “Wonderful” Wizard of Futhermucking Oz is now available on Amazon in print or ebook! (If you want to get a signed paperback or an ebook that will work on any reader besides Kindle, you can also buy it directly from me).

This one isn’t a Chooseomatic — it’s a retelling of L.Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with a modern-day, foul mouthed 15-year-old named Arabella Grimsbro standing in for Dorothy. The book is classified as Young Adult (with emphasis on the word “adult” — Arabella drops the f-bomb a grand total of 87 times), and I’m incredibly proud of it. I feel like it’s maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever written?

You can read the first chapter here! And if you decide to buy it from Amazon, please consider leaving a brief, honest review. Not only do reviews help other readers find me, but some advertising venues are only open to books with a certain number of Amazon reviews, and I plan on marketing this thing TO HELL AND BACK.

My Norwescon Schedue

April 13-16 is Norwescon at the Doubletree in SeaTac by the airport, and I’ll be in the dealers room sellin’ books like crazy. But I’ll also be doing readings and panels and junk! If you’ll be at the con, PLEASE COME TO SOME OR ALL OF THESE:




Reading:  The “Wonderful” Wizard of Futhermucking Oz  11am in Cascade 2

I’ll be reading from my brand new book, which technically isn’t even out yet. THERE WILL BE SWEARING, JUST SO YOU KNOW


Self Publishing Comics: Online and On Paper  1pm in Cascade 3&4

Our panelists will talk about the ins and outs of drawing, writing, and producing your own comics without the support of a bigger company. With Julie McGalliard and, Matt Youngmark.




SF/Fantasy Battle Royale  3pm in Evergreen 3&4

Who would win in a fight? A fast-paced, bracket-style, breathtakingly unscientific showdown to determine this year’s Ultimate Fictional Champion. Ready… Fight! With Matt Youngmark, Erik Scott DeBie, K. M. Alexander and Jason Bourget.


Comic RPG Smackdown  5pm in Cascade 5&6

Bring your favorite comic characters in mind, and our crack team of comic know-it-alls will develop stats for them to battle it out in an RPG Comics Smackdown to End All Smackdowns! With Spencer Ellsworth (M), Erik Scott de Bie, Matt Youngmark and Adia


Dungeons and Dragons and Pop Culture  8pm in Cascade 9

How has the king of role playing games influenced popular culture? D&D has left its mark on movies, TV shows, comic books, and video games. Let’s talk about our favorites, and some of the ways that Dungeons & Dragons has imprinted on our popular media. With Rob Stewar, Matt Youngmark and Jake McKinzie


My new book is out April 17!


Cover art by Mona Finden



The “Wonderful” Wizard of Futhermucking Oz

BOOK RELEASE: April 17, 2017

This one isn’t a Chooseomatic — it’s a retelling of L.Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with a modern-day, foul mouthed 15-year-old named Arabella Grimsbro standing in for Dorothy. The book is classified as Young Adult (with emphasis on the word “adult” — Arabella drops the f-bomb a grand total of 87 times), and I’m incredibly proud of it. I feel like it’s maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever written?

It officially goes on sale on Amazon and on my website on Monday, April 17. YEEHEEHEEEEE! If you want to snatch it up the day it goes live (and help me boost my Amazon sales rank, leading to UNPRECEDENTED FAME AND PROSPERITY), sign up for my mailing list below to get a reminder!

Oh, and will I SECRETLY HAVE COPIES FOR SALE A FEW DAYS EARLY AT NORWESCON? Honestly, it depends on printing and shipping times. But maybe!



New website, I AM IN YOU

Yup, it’s a whole new website, at a whole new address, from the same big, loud, cheerful guy you probably met at a comic book convention. The shift from chooseomatic.com to youngmark.com came from the fact that I’ve been working on a ton of non-chooseomatic stuff over the last few years, and kind of wanted it all in one place. Also, I might have had my domain registration notifications going to an email I never check any more, and let chooseomatic.com expire a little bit? The people who snatched that domain up like THE DAY it went derelict would probably sell it back to me for the right price, but seriously, FUCK THOSE GUYS RIGHT IN THE EAR.

But I’m here, you’re here, it all worked out okay. You can go see the old site at chooseomaticbooks.com, and all the Conspiracy Friends stuff at secretwebcomic.com. For now, at least! I’ma prolly re-route those sites here at some point.

Oh, also! I’m working on SO MUCH NEW STUFF RIGHT NOW. Announcements soon!

Steamposium September 23-24

I’m selling books at Steamposium in Seattle this weekend! It’s at the Convention Center downtown, and I’ll be sharing a table with my number one convention pal, Scott Gable from Broken Eye Books. “Steamposium?!” you blurt, bewildered. “But, Matt! You don’t even have a steampunk book!

Sure I do, imaginary straw person. Time Travel Dinosaur is forty percent steampunk! Well, maybe not quite forty, but one of the major time periods you visit in the book is the 1880s, and when you arrive, that decade is steampunk as all fuck.

So, in honor of Steamposium 2016, I present you with:

The Five Most Steampunkiest Things about my book, Time Travel Dinosaur

There may be three different versions of the titular T-rex on the front of the book, but that dapper gentledinosaur with goggles on its top hat is front and center, baby! Also, the whole color scheme absolutely screams steampunk: so much brown.

In 1882, Cornelia and Beatrice Shaughnessy rule over New Chicago with an iron (and presumable gear-covered) fist. Using scientific knowledge stolen from future centuries, they’ve built clockwork centurions to oppress the populace, and grafted miscellaneous steampunk appendages to their gang of hooligans and thugs. They’re STONE COLD EVIL, you guys.
Needless to say, the only way to stop the sisters’ evil plot is to lay siege to their majestic blimp, high above the clouds. One of the book’s major plot points is set in motion at this point, and — hey, what’s that other dinosaur who looks just like you but is dressed in clothes from a different time period doing here? GUESS YOU’LL HAVE TO READ THE BOOK AGAIN, BUT MAKE AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SERIES OF DECISIONS TO FIND OUT.

When Annie’s intestinal tract betrayed her at the tender age of sixteen, she simply built replacement guts out of brass and steam. Now she leads a small band of rebels (Cartwright, Bobbins, and the powder monkeys) in opposition to the brutal tyranny of Shaughessy Sisters. I fell in love with this gang while writing the book, and keep having ideas for their further adventures, set entirely in an alternate 1882 cut off from the rest of the chronoverse. Could Gearbox Annie return in some short stories or something at some point in the future? Maybe!


Case closed, madam. I said good day.

Convention Schedule!

Matt Youngmark of Chooseomatic


Hey, I’ll be at PAX West this weekend (I feel like it used to be called Pax Prime?), on Saturday and Sunday, helping out in the Tin Man Games booth! Which got me thinking, WHAT OTHER AREA EVENTS WILL YOU BE ABLE TO FIND YOUNGMARK AT, IF YOU SHOULD WISH TO FIND YOURSELF SOME YOUNGMARK?

September 3-4: PAX West (Seattle)
I’ll be chilling with magnificent Australian folks from Tin Man games (who just, like, yesterday released a lovingly crafted balls-to-the-wall full-3D update of the classic Fighting Fantasy gamebook The Warlock of Firetop Mountain). And also probably roaming the floor? I’m totally up for rocking some tabletop if you need a third player or something.

September 23-25: Steamposium (Seattle)
I’ll be sharing a table with my pal Scott from Broken Eye Books, and trying to convince people that Time Travel Dinosaur is PROBABLY WAY STEAMPUNKIER THAN IT ACTUALLY IS. Will I be wearing an old-timey hat with goggles stuck on the brim? Probably not, but who knows!

October 7-8: Geek Girl Con (Seattle)
This is one of my favorite local conventions, and I’m super excited that they found space for me this year! Also, I just realized that all three of the above shows are being held at the same place WHY EVER LEAVE THE SEATTLE CONVENTION CENTER?

November 5-6: Jet City Comic Show (Tacoma)
My wife calls me the Prince of Tacoma because I used to run into people I knew whenever we went down there (also, one time, the governor). It’s because I ran a weekly Tacoma newspaper for a long time in the 1990s! (Also, a couple of years ago I tried to convince the guys from Jet City Comic Show to rebrand it as TACOMICON, but so far no news on that front.)

November 11-13: Fan Expo Vancouver
I had to skip this one last year because it conflicted with Norwescon, but they finally moved it away from Easter weekend, and I’ll be there! I actually haven’t heard back on whether they’ll be inviting me as a guest, but even if they don’t it’s okay because I know a guy (that guy is Scott, from Broken Eye Books, who I bet needs someone to share hotel costs and gas with).

November 19-20: Oddmall (Everett)
They keep having these, so I keep doing them. With Scott, from Broken Eye Books! (You guys know Scott, right?) Also, they’re moving it from the Holiday Inn to the Community College this time, so do not go to the Everett Holiday Inn expecting to find a weird, awesome flea markety thing, it will not be there.