Professor Velociraptor is a good boss, and you’ve always liked her. She gave you that extra day off after you got super drunk at the Halloween party. You can trust her when she tells you to go back in time and murder yourself, right?

“You’re going to pop out directly behind your other self,” she says. You feel a sharp pang of déjà vu as she’s talking but shrug it off. “Make it quick and clean, because the universe is going to do its best to auto-correct. If you’re only wounded, you might survive long enough to make the jump back again, and…”

She trails off. “Just get the job done. It has to be drastic, and it has to be fast if this is going to work.”

Gulp. Okay, you can do this. Gun training wasn’t part of your two-week time travel preparedness course, but a point-blank shot to the back of the head should do the trick, right? Professor V. presses a button of your armband, and a shimmering blue portal appears in front of you.

You hold your breath and leap into it. When you emerge on the other side, you get an odd sense of altered perspective from appearing in a different spot in the same room. You see yourself from behind—wow, does your tail always look that big?—talking to the Professor. The alternate you hears your feet hit the floor and starts to turn around, startled.

This is it.

Fire! If you go for the kill shot, turn to page 17.

No! If you can’t bear to do it and chicken out, turn to page 24.

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