Tiny Quest

TINY QUEST is a charming, 3×3 inch, 114 page  paperback storybook.

Princess Sassafras and her BFF Clara must journey to rescue five royal knights who set out to win the princess’s hand in marriage but got stuck along the way. Flying unicorns! Dude-bros! A foul-mouthed Cyclops! Engineering! Exactly the right number of beers! THIS BOOK HAS IT ALL.

Fan Libs

Like MAD LIBS, but for fans!

Each story is from a different fandom, with the copyrighted words replaced with generic descriptors. Think “(noun) Trek” or “Game of (furniture, plural)”. I wrote these, they are great! The book is coil bound, and also small and cute.

Roms, Bombs & Zoms

Do you LOVE my second Chooseomatic, Thrusts of Justice, and WISH YOU COULD READ MORE? Well, you’re in luck, because Dawn Marie Pares and I co-wrote a story in this anthology about Magnifica battling Baron Von Zom in the 1970s alongside America’s first woman Postmaster General! There’s a bunch of other great stories in it too. Plus I designed the cover!

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