You didn’t grow up idolizing villains and thugs. And you’re not sure what kind of power you’ve stumbled upon, but you’re fairly certain it comes with at least medium-grade responsibility. You refuse the Ox’s offer to join him in his life of crime.

So he punches you. In a flash of blinding pain, you find yourself splayed out on the floor, immediately regretting your decision. You glance over and discover that your right arm is a twisted mess of exposed bone and pooling blood. You instinctively threw your arms up to protect your face, so your elbow took most of the force of impact.

Wait a minute. Since when do you bleed purple?

You watch your arm dissolve right before your eyes until your wrist and shoulder are connected by a lumpy puddle of purple goo, which then solidifies into a vaguely arm-shaped mass. Something really freaky is going on here, but at least the pain is gone. Stumbling to your feet, you find that you can still move your fingers, and sort of flop around your new boneless, stretchy appendage.

“What are you supposed to be? The Latex Avenger?” The Ox takes a step toward you, balling up his fists. “Seriously, stay down.” Before he can throw another punch, purple goo spreads from your arm, quickly covering your body below the neck. The Ox’s fist connects with your chest, but your sludgy coating absorbs most of the impact. It also covers your opponent’s fist in gunk. He tries to wipe one hand clean with the other, but only manages to get them get them stuck together.

It looks like you’ve discovered your superpower. Given a choice you would probably have picked something a little sexier than purple goop, but it just saved your life so you’ll take what you can get.

Concentrating, you discover that you have control over the sludge’s consistency, and you harden your coating into a protective shell. Which gives you an idea. You focus on the Ox, and the gunk on his hands solidifies.

“What the hell?” He starts grunting, trying to pry his hands apart with his considerable strength, but they don’t budge. You jump back, and with a flick of your shoulder stretch your bendy right arm several feet across the room to gunk up his feet as well. Once you’ve willed the foot goo to solidify, the Ox is effectively immobilized.

“Face justice, evildoer,” you say a bit too enthusiastically as your opponent falls to the floor. That was awesome! A quick, anonymous phone call alerts the local police that you’ve gift-wrapped their errant bank robber. You briefly consider pocketing a small stack of unmarked bills on your way out, but that is nothow you roll.

Now what? Helping the helpless, obviously, but where to begin? New York City is where the real action is, and you’ve just proven that you can throw down with the heavy hitters. Or perhaps you should start off slow, and just be the sworn protector of Cleveland until you have time to get the hang of this hero gig.

If Cleveland just got its first superhero, turn to page 168.

Screw Cleveland. If you think you’re ready for the big time,
turn to page 70.

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