The following few seconds are a whirlwind of pain, until it’s all mercifully ended by a crack on the jaw that switches you off like a light. Fortunately, your opponent is something of an expert on how much damage the human body can withstand, and he’s not actually trying to kill you. In fact, he only chased you in the first place because you ran (safety rules for encountering supervillains are largely identical to safety rules for encountering pit bulls). The pounding he administers is calculated to put you out of commission for one to two business days. Sure enough, you regain consciousness the following morning, still on that rooftop. You’re in rough shape, though: your body is a mass of bruises and abrasions, you’ve clearly broken several ribs, and that thing sticking out of your left leg might be a bone.

You make your slow, agonizing descent down the stairs to the building’s lobby, where you find several people huddled around a television set. A group of villains has launched a full-scale attack on Washington, D.C.! This sounds like a job for…

Someone else, surely. You could barely hobble down five flights of stairs, and at this point you’re starting to wonder if you even have superpowers at all. There are plenty of actual heroes who can handle this, and whatever the villains are up to, it isn’t going to be the end of the world, right?

If you rush to Washington to thwart their nefarious plot as fast as your broken, twisted body can manage, turn to page 212.

If you rush to check yourself into a hospital, like a sane person,
turn to page 89.

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