The suit is giving you a powerful fight-or-flight vibe, and since “Calmly defuse the situation” doesn’t seem to appear on that list, you opt for flight. You scoot out the back, take to the air, and, for lack of a better destination, finally settle atop Key Tower, Cleveland’s tallest building. Things should be reasonably private up there. Before you have a chance to tackle your next problem (finding an unsecured wifi signal), you hear a muffled sound coming from somewhere near your left leg and realize that your cell phone is ringing. By the time you extract it from the suit, you’ve missed the call, but discover it was from Dale. In fact, he’s left you three phone messages and seven texts.

You call him back, trying to sound nonchalant. “Dale, what’s up?”

“What do you mean, what’s up?” He sounds jittery. “I’m back at the bar. Can you meet me here? We really need to talk about what just happened.”

“Um, nothing happened,” you say. “Mine was a dead end.”

“Oh, something happened, all right,” Dale says. He couldn’t possibly know about the Guardian armor, could he? Then again, he is an investigative journalist. And as Mrs. Pinkett proved, so far you’ve earned zero points for stealth.

“Something amazing happened,” he continues. “You might even say something… super.

Yeah, he knows.

If you agree to meet Dale at the bar, turn to page 134.

If you think it’s wiser not to meet him and hope it all blows over, turn to page 280.

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