“Sten Janssen is dead,” you say. “He sacrificed himself saving Cleveland from a meteor. I was there, and the suit just… came to me.”

If Agent Moretti doubts your story, it doesn’t show on his face. “Then you’re worthy of it. The Cosmic Guard has proven time and again that its judgment and honor are beyond reproach. In fact, that’s why we signaled for you.” Moretti explains that he works for a top-secret government project, and they’ve uncovered a conspiracy involving dozens of villains who’ve never been known to work together before. They’ve also found evidence of a potential superhero traitor, so they’re reluctant to turn to the Justice Squadron or the Phenomenal Three.

“It’s been a long time, but we need the Cosmic Guard once again,” he says. “Our first priority is to stop the Ox. He’s a lunkhead, but he’s invulnerable to just about everything, including your built-in weaponry. In league with a criminal mastermind, he could become unstoppable.”

That explains the asswhupping, at least. “Take this,” Moretti says, handing you a small electronic device. “Plug it into your helmet. It’ll let us track your movements and keep us in constant contact.” He gestures toward the helicopter with his thumb. “I’ll debrief you further on the way to headquarters.”

A job with the U.S. government would be a pretty sweet gig. And it sounds like they know a lot more about the whole Cosmic Guardian business than you do. Then again, how much do you know about this Moretti guy? Can you trust him?

If you take the communicator and get in the helicopter, turn to page 172.

If you tell Moretti you’d rather remain a free agent for now, turn to page 58.

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