Well, you do have a brain-controlled supercomputer built into your evening wear. Who knows — maybe this will be incredibly easy. Locate Nightwatchman, you think.

A map of downtown Cleveland appears on your screen with a red dot in the middle. That makes sense, since he couldn’t have travelled far in the past ten minutes. Zoom in, you think, watching as the map gets larger and more detailed. Okay, that should be the alley where you found the dumpster. Zoom in again.


You just about have a heart attack on the spot, until you realize that the dot on the map represents you. Dumbass. You try several commands to indicate that you’re looking for the real Nightwatchman, or the previous Nightwatchman, but get no results. It looks like you’re going to have to do this the hard way after all. Fortunately, you excel at mind-numbing research.

You start sifting through digital files, and find a list of safehouses. Apparently the little underground nook you stumbled upon isn’t unique — he has upwards of a hundred such hidden grottoes in cities all over the globe. Wow — whoever Nightwatchman is, the guy must be absurdly wealthy. Is it possible that he stores a costume in each of these safehouses for emergencies? Maybe the fancy equipment you’ve claimed as your own is simply a spare uniform.

The Philadelphia location has a little asterisk by it. Some sort of home base, perhaps? That might be a good place to start your search. As you continue digging, you find that some of the other files are peppered with asterisks as well. On the list of Crexidyne superhumans, every name is marked except one: Rockjockey, a bruiser of a villain who can fuse mineral matter to his own body to augment his mass.

Is Nightwatchman investigating the names on the list and checking them off as he goes? If so, perhaps you can head him off at the pass. The more you think about it, though, the less you like the idea. All superheroes have arch-nemeses, but Nightwatchman’s rogue’s gallery is a particularly psychotic and obsessive bunch. Rockjockey has tangled with him several times in the past, so if you plan on confronting that thug, you’d better be prepared to deal with whatever personal grudge or blood vendetta he happens to be nursing.

Rockjockey shows up as a blip on your GPS and, like nearly everything superhero-related, he’s in New York City. New York and Philadelphia are each seven to eight hours from Cleveland by car — either way, you’d better get moving.

If you track down Rockjockey in New York, click here for page 142.

If you’d rather avoid psychotic supervillains for now and check out the Philadelphia safehouse instead, click here for page 184.

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