A quick whiff with your humongous new nasal passages reveals a large group of edmontosaurs nearby, so you lumber toward them at top speed. On average, those things are actually quite a bit faster than you, but in a pack that size, there are usually at least a couple of…

Bingo. The herbivores bolt as you burst out of the treeline, but one of the older specimens twists a leg on a fallen branch and hits the ground with a thud. You descend upon that poor duck-billed son of a bitch and rip out its throat before it even knows what hit it. Then you proceed to devour its soft, fleshy bits with abandon.

You had hoped that satiating your hunger would quiet the roaring tyrannosaur inside you, but alas, the opposite is true. With the savage display of carnage, your animal instincts take over and threaten to drown out the last vestiges of your evolved consciousness completely.

If you fight with all your might to retain some shred of humanity, turn to page 170.

If you just go with it, turn to page 88.

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