Suddenly, you’re in the swirling vortex once again as the universe changes around you. You’re beginning to seriously rethink your decision not to peel yourself off the space-time continuum because this blows. Hopefully, the tachyon particulate will wear off soon, so you can remain blissfully unaware of alterations to the timestream like normal people. (Technically, you’re being dragged across alternate timelines by the tachyon bond that tethers you to the peeled-off scientist. But either way, it’s getting old.)

You find yourself in a shadowy alley, hidden under a billowing cloak. You’re wearing high-tech gauntlets, and your mask has night vision lenses, allowing you to see in the darkness as clear as day. A supervillain cowers before you.

Holy ass-biscuits. Are you Batman in this timeline?

“I didn’t do nothin’, I swear!” the villain whimpers. You recognize him as Rockjockey, a superpowered thug who has the ability to armor himself with bits of stone and masonry. He’s obviously terrified and eager to talk. He tells you he’s on the run from a retired superhero named Cosmic Guardian, who’s now working for your long-time nemesis, Reginald Thorpe.

Before you can question him further, a text message flashes across your wrist screen. “SHUT DOWN YOUR SYSTEMS,” it says. Your head is still foggy from the tachyons, but you seem to remember that you’re not actually the real Batman here. And that the real Batman might be pissed at you?

If you obey the text message, turn to page 202.

If you blow it off and continue your interrogation, turn to page 266.

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