The world starts spinning around you again, and you find yourself back in the familiar confines of Professor V.’s lab. You look down at your appendages and are pleased to see small, reptilian claws. You’re a human-sized dinosaur again!

Human-sized dinosaur? That’s a weird way to put it. You’re a tyrannoid, like you’ve always been. Why would you expect anything different? You notice a door in the back of the lab that you’ve never seen before. It’s cracked open, and you can hear voices coming from inside.

“I got it after we crash-landed on the moon in 2271,” a woman says in gentle, melodious tones. “Sadly, I’m afraid your assistant will be stranded there forever.”
You hear Professor Velociraptor sigh. Wait. You’re Professor V.’s assistant. Did that woman just say you were stranded forever? On the moon?

“I need to generate a portal in order to bring an alternate version of you to the Cretaceous period,” the mysterious woman continues. “It’s kind of a long story. Can you fix it?”

You’re so absorbed in your eavesdropping that you almost don’t notice the jagged purple rift in space-time open up in the middle of the room behind you. Almost. Two creepy, gnarled creatures emerge from the crack, run straight for the Bakulan time travel rig, and start hitting it with their gross little fists. Hey! That’s a sensitive piece of equipment! Also, if they wreck it, you’re probably out of a job.

If you rush to the back room to warn Professor V. of the attack, turn to page 157.

If you try to stop the creatures yourself before they can do any more damage, turn to page 35.

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