This is no time to hesitate! You plunge into the rift and find yourself hurtling through the fabric of reality. The fabric of reality, it turns out, looks more or less like cheap CGI. You drift weightlessly through a tunnel of psychedelic light, then pop out the other side with a jolt. The unexpected impact of re-entering the timestream knocks you right out of the Labrador retriever.

Crap! Usually when you make a timejump, your consciousness gently floats around until you either find a host or, failing that, you slip back to your own time period and try again. This time, however, everything feels wrong. The subtle mental link you should have with your native time period is completely missing. As your awareness drifts upward, you see Betsy the dog running toward a thicket of odd-looking palm trees.

The enormous, leathery form of a Tyrannosaurus rex promptly crashes out of the tree line.

Okay, that would mean you’re way, way further back than 1931, and the third unbreakable law of time travel has snapped like a twig. Also, that dinosaur is totally going to eat that dog. You have to save Betsy!

Or do you? She doesn’t belong in this era, and all laws of time and space seem to have gone out the window. Is it safe to leave a Labrador wandering around the Cretaceous period?

If you transfer your consciousness back into the dog and help her escape, turn to page 16.

If you transfer your consciousness into the T. rex, turn to page 37.

If you let whatever’s going to happen here happen and look for a different host altogether (like, duh, the mad scientist), turn to page 112.

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