Yeah, you’re pretty sure that river is going to kill you. You veer away from it and haul ass until the dinosaur is right on your heels, about to pounce. Then you dig your paws into the turf, dart directly between its legs, and scamper off into the underbrush. Your pursuer reels back in surprise and loses its footing, tumbling thirty feet across the forest floor and rooting up several saplings before skidding to a halt.

Holy crap—you should seriously consider being a Labrador full time because your ninja acrobat dog moves are spectacular. You push through the foliage until you’re certain you’ve ditched the carnivore, then use your keen canine senses to locate the scientist. The Cretaceous period is full of radically new sights and smells, but fortunately, his aroma is both distinctive and powerful. You follow his scent to a wide, empty clearing where you find him gesticulating wildly, trying to explain something to…

Another identical mad scientist? Uh oh. You hide behind something vaguely fern-like and watch as three more duplicates pop out of shimmering portals. Suddenly, you realize that the clearing isn’t empty at all, but filled with a wide assortment of tents and makeshift shelters. A crew of doppelgangers is looking over blueprints and clearing crates from the center of the encampment, and as they finish, an enormous steel tower of dubious construction appears on the spot. “Appears” may be the wrong word, though, because of course it was already there. It’s always been there.

Wow, that escalated quickly. As you survey the bustling village of scientist clones, you hear rustling leaves and an all-too-familiar voice behind you.

“I did it, Betsy! Ah ha ha ha!” It’s one of the scientists, wild-eyed and frothy-mouthed as ever. “Is it really you? Are you here in the flesh? But of course you are! A floating spy means an empty Betsy can’t be far behind!”

His ranting draws the attention of several others, and soon you’re surrounded. “Here, Betsy!” one of them says, dropping to his knees and patting the ground in front of him. “Good girl, Betsy!”

“Yes!” another exclaims. “You must come see the tower, Betsy. Everything makes so much sense inside the tower.” A third scientist is just staring at you, gritting his teeth and shaking.

“Get the dog in the tower,” he mutters to himself under his breath. “Get the dog in the tower… Get the dog in the tower…”

Okay, this is creepy as balls. If you hope to find any clues to what these madmen are up to, though, you know where to look. Granted, from the way they’re acting, they seem as likely to cook you and eat you in there as give you the grand tour. Should you risk it?

If you enter the misshapen tower with the legion of crazy people, turn to page 244.

If you turn tail and flee while you still have the chance, turn to page 152.

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