You can barely handle a single zombie by yourself, let alone two. Add the three undead monstrosities chasing this new group of stampeding yokels and you feel positively outclassed. “Run for your lives!” you yell, following your own advice and beating feet.

The street in front of the restaurant where you left your date is now a chaotic mess of the living dead. Zombie shoppers attack random passers by, and many of their meals reawaken to join the growing horde. Two zombie policemen on zombie police horses chase a pissed-off-looking woman down the street. It’s madness.

No one can help you here. And if you’re going to save yourself or anyone else from this zombie apocalypse, you’re going to need a weapon. There’s a hardware store just around the corner. Surely you’ll find something in there with which to bash some undead skulls.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a weapon, why mess around? You remember seeing a gun shop on your way to the restaurant, about six blocks away.

If you hurry into the hardware store to look for a passable weapon, turn to page 92.

If you decide to risk the longer journey for the promise of serious firepower, turn to page 209.

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