Yeah, you bought that car off of your mom when you were in college and never liked it much anyway. Certainly not enough to warrant wrestling it away from the living dead. Besides, after seeing some zombie getting all up close and personal with your windshield, you don’t know if all the Turtle Wax in the world could get that thing clean enough.

The police station isn’t far from here on foot, and you decide that, since your fellow pedestrians are mostly concentrating on running in mad panic, you’d better head over there and tell the authorities what you know. Someone seems to have abandoned a city bus in the middle of the street, further complicating the flow of traffic, but by keeping a careful watch and altering your route as needed, you manage to get to the station without invoking the wrath of any walking corpses.

As you approach, however, a blood-curdling scream fills the air. You race ahead to see a terrifying, gory mess—zombies are everywhere, gorging on helpless bystanders in an undead feeding frenzy. As far as alerting the cops to the zombie outbreak, you know what? You’re pretty sure they know.

If you hightail it out of there, turn to page 105.

If you think the police station would be an ideal place to wait this whole thing out and try to find a way past the zombie mosh pit to the relative safety inside, turn to page 20.

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