“Hey, I’m going to dry off a bit,” you say, getting up from the table. “Be right back!” That last part came out a little abruptly, and as you casually stroll toward the restrooms, you feel a twinge of guilt for lying. Then you hear your date aggressively ordering the appetizer.

“Braaaiinns! Brrraaaaaaaaaiiiiiiinns!” You skip out the front door and realize you’ll have to go around the whole block to avoid passing the window where your date is sitting. As you round the corner, however, a woman runs past you in the other direction, screaming. You catch a whiff of the same odor you smelled a moment ago at the table, and see one man kneeling over another on the street. He looks up at you, although his eyes don’t seem to be focused on anything. Both men are covered in gore, and you’re shocked to discover that the first one appears to be eating the second.

“Brrrraaaaaiiiiinnnns,” the attacker moans, getting up from his victim and starting toward you in a slow lurch. You can see why he hasn’t satisfied that particular craving, since he’s been gnawing on the other man’s leg. You may be slow on the uptake in awkward social situations, but you’ve seen enough horror movies to recognize this threat in its proper context.

That, my friend, is a zombie.

If you flee to alert the authorities before the zombie threat endangers the whole city, turn to page 9.

If you try to fight the zombie, since there’s a slim chance the man on the ground can still be saved, turn to page 14.

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