You know, Ernie’s a sweet guy, but the dead are rising from their graves and feeding on the flesh of the living. At this juncture it might be more appropriate to seek help from somebody with a badge.

You drive a few blocks to the police station, but find it completely overrun with zombies. It looks like a lot of people had the same inclination as you, and the ravenous dead are swarming on a crowd of screaming, panicking still-living. It’s utter chaos. Maybe you should turn the car around and just keep driving.

The more you consider the police station, though, the more you’d like to find a way inside, where they have trained officers, guns, Kevlar body armor and stuff. You’re pretty smart. Is it possible you could figure out a way to get in there? Besides, what’s your alternative plan? To burn rubber and keep driving as far away as you can until you run out of gas or something?

Uh, yeah. If you burn rubber, then keep driving as far away as you can until you run out of gas or something, turn to page 173.

If you think your best bet is to park the car and find a way inside that police station, turn to page 30.

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