ZNscreenOkay, so Amazon has this new Amazon Underground thing where you jump through a couple of hoops to put their game app on your android device, and then download ACTUALLY free games on it (not the kind of “free” where it asks you to buy coins or energy or something every three minutes to power up enough to get through the next part, but the kind of “free” where you don’t actually give them any money).

The cool part is that ZOMBOCALYPSE NOW, my epic, novel-length choose-your-own adventure book where you play a stuffed bunny in the zombie apocalypse, is one of the launch titles! And my understanding is that when you download and play it, I actually get paid? Somehow? If you have an Android phone, you should go get it! Right now I’m at like #600 in the free app store, LETS ROKCET IT ALL THE WAY UP TO 450 or 500.