Yup, it’s a whole new website, at a whole new address, from the same big, loud, cheerful guy you probably met at a comic book convention. The shift from chooseomatic.com to youngmark.com came from the fact that I’ve been working on a ton of non-chooseomatic stuff over the last few years, and kind of wanted it all in one place. Also, I might have had my domain registration notifications going to an email I never check any more, and let chooseomatic.com expire a little bit? The people who snatched that domain up like THE DAY it went derelict would probably sell it back to me for the right price, but seriously, FUCK THOSE GUYS RIGHT IN THE EAR.

But I’m here, you’re here, it all worked out okay. You can go see the old site at chooseomaticbooks.com, and all the Conspiracy Friends stuff at secretwebcomic.com. For now, at least! I’ma prolly re-route those sites here at some point.

Oh, also! I’m working on SO MUCH NEW STUFF RIGHT NOW. Announcements soon!