The “Wonderful” Wizard of Futhermucking Oz is now available on Amazon in print or ebook! (If you want to get a signed paperback or an ebook that will work on any reader besides Kindle, you can also buy it directly from me).

This one isn’t a Chooseomatic — it’s a retelling of L.Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with a modern-day, foul mouthed 15-year-old named Arabella Grimsbro standing in for Dorothy. The book is classified as Young Adult (with emphasis on the word “adult” — Arabella drops the f-bomb a grand total of 87 times), and I’m incredibly proud of it. I feel like it’s maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever written?

You can read the first chapter here! And if you decide to buy it from Amazon, please consider leaving a brief, honest review. Not only do reviews help other readers find me, but some advertising venues are only open to books with a certain number of Amazon reviews, and I plan on marketing this thing TO HELL AND BACK.