You’re reading a choose-your-own-ending book about superheroes, and immediately decide not to become one? Okay. No, it makes sense. If Nightwatchman comes back, he could be really mad. We’re with you. You just caught us a little off guard is all.

As you shut down the suit, the door in the back wall opens with a hum of machinery. You think about calling Melah and Dale to tell them what you’ve found, but can’t get a signal. You also consider taking some of the gear with you, but decide that it probably wouldn’t be wise. The door shuts behind you and after briefly navigating the city sewers, a ladder and manhole cover bring you back up to the street, somewhat stinkier but otherwise none the worse for wear.

You backtrack to the bar, only to find a smattering of trashed police cars and some paramedics tending wounded officers. The Ox appears to have made a clean getaway, and your friends are nowhere to be found. Neither of them answers their cell phone, so, for lack of a better plan, you head into the bar to wait for them. One beer follows another without any sign of your compatriots and eventually you start to get hungry. The nachos here are decent, and of course hot wings are usually a safe bet.  There’s also that weird side dish on the menu, which you’ve often considered trying but never actually committed to.

If you order nachos, turn to page 30.

If you go with the buffalo wings, turn tor page 30.

If you throw caution to the wind and get the deep-fried ravioli blasters, turn to page 248.

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