You may have superpowers, but you have absolutely no clue what they might be, so taking a swing at one of the toughest supervillains in the world seems just plain stupid. You bolt out the motel room door (and not particularly quickly — at the very least you can rule out superhuman speed).

The Ox crashes right through the wall behind you. Crap! Across the street is a run-down office building, so you scoot into the alley behind it and, for lack of a better plan, make a running leap for a rusty old fire escape hanging just out of reach. To your complete surprise, you grab the bottom rung with ease and start scurrying up. Really? Half the superheroes in New York can fly, but you get the power of, what, parkour?

Then again, if you could fly, how would you even know? It’s five flights to the building’s roof and you’re good and winded by the time you reach it, but the Ox didn’t try to follow you up (which makes sense, since you can’t imagine that the ancient fire escape would hold his weight). Then, as you clamber over the rooftop’s ledge, you see a gargantuan figure emerge from a doorway right in front of you.

The Ox took the stairs.

He charges. This is it, you think — at this point your choices are to take a punch from this monster or make a flying leap and pray for a miracle. Either way, if you’re not superpowered, you’re probably about to be super dead.

If you brace for impact and hope to somehow survive the Ox’s wrath, turn to page 53.

If you jump over the building’s edge and flap your arms like crazy, turn to page 146.

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