Your choices here are “Tyrannosaurus rex,” “dog,” and “other.” To be honest, we figured we could put blank pages at the end of the other two and no one would ever know. After all, the book isn’t called Time Travel Labrador.

You inhabit the heck out of that T. rex. As your consciousness settles in, however, you find it to be a much bumpier ride than you anticipated. It might have something to do with how small your new brain is relative to your massive body or the fact that the dinosaur’s physiology is so radically different from the mammals you’re used to. Either way, this monster is incredibly difficult to control. It’s a struggle just to keep its base instincts from taking over, much less focus on… um… whatever it was you came to the Cretaceous period for.

Betsy has scurried off while you’ve been getting your bearings, which is actually a bit of a shame, because now you really, really need something to eat. So hungry. SO VERY HUNGRY. Perhaps you’ll be able to concentrate better once you get some food inside you?

If you go rustle up some lunch, turn to page 101.

If you put all your energy into suppressing your hunger and overcoming your animal urges, turn to page 200.

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